Balance Sheet in Finance MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Balance sheet in finance MCQs, learn BBA financial management online test prep for distance education, online courses. Practice time value of money multiple choice questions (MCQs), balance sheet in finance quiz questions and answers. GMAT test prep on net cash flow, balance sheet in finance, statement of cash flows, financial management: balance sheets, income statements tutorials for online BBA courses distance learning.

Study bachelors and masters in finance degree MCQs, a company purchases goods but does not pay payments to suppliers immediately and record them as, for free online courses with choices account payable , account receivable , current liabilities , accumulated liabilities for online management degree preparation with distance learning eCourses. Free skills assessment test is for online learning balance sheet in finance quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers for summative assessment of students with interactive student portal.

MCQs on Balance Sheet in FinanceQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: A company purchases goods but does not pay payments to suppliers immediately and record them as

  1. account payable
  2. account receivable
  3. current liabilities
  4. accumulated liabilities


MCQ: In balance sheet, sum of retained earnings and common stock are considered as

  1. preferred equity
  2. due equity
  3. common perpetuity
  4. common equity


MCQ: Method of inventory recording gives lower cost of goods sold in income statement is classified as

  1. last in first out
  2. last out receivable
  3. first out receivable
  4. first in first out


MCQ: Financial securities that can be converted into cash at closing to their book value price are classified as

  1. inventories
  2. short-term investments
  3. cash equivalents
  4. long-term investments


MCQ: Earnings that are not paid as dividends to stockholders and have cumulative amount are classified as

  1. non-paid earnings
  2. common earnings
  3. retained earnings
  4. preferred earnings