Non Conventional Energy Sources Quiz Questions and Answers 99 PDF Download

Learn non conventional energy sources quiz, online applied physics test 99 for distance learning, online courses. Free physics MCQs questions and answers to learn non conventional energy sources MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on non conventional energy sources with answers, electromagnetism, conservation of energy, current source, capacitor, non conventional energy sources test for online teach physics courses distance learning.

Free non conventional energy sources online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: for obtaining solar energy during sunlight, energy is stored in batteries of with choices nickel cadmium, zinc cadmium, nickel zinc and hydrogen with online learning guide for international exams' preparation like ACT prep for good ACT percentiles, study applied physics: work & energy multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Non Conventional Energy Sources Video

Quiz on Non Conventional Energy Sources Worksheet 99 Quiz PDF Download

Non Conventional Energy Sources Quiz

MCQ. For obtaining solar energy during sunlight, energy is stored in batteries of

  1. Nickel cadmium
  2. zinc cadmium
  3. Nickel zinc
  4. hydrogen


Capacitor Quiz

MCQ. Ability of capacitor to store charge is measured as its

  1. performance
  2. resistance
  3. capacitance
  4. durability


Current Source Quiz

MCQ. Conversion of chemical energy to electrical energy can be achieved by

  1. electric generator
  2. solar cells
  3. cells
  4. both a and b


Conservation of Energy Quiz

MCQ. Original source of energy coming from tides is

  1. stars
  2. moon
  3. Earth
  4. tornedo


Electromagnetism Quiz

MCQ. A power line 10 m high carries current 200 A, magnetic field will be

  1. 2 × 106 T
  2. 3 × 106 T
  3. 4 × 106 T
  4. 5 × 106 T