Electric Potential Quiz Questions and Answers 90 PDF Download

Learn electric potential quiz online, applied physics test 90 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free electric potential MCQs questions and answers to learn physics quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on electric potential test with answers, current source, transformers, pn junction, vector addition by rectangular components, electric potential practice test for online learn physics free courses distance learning.

Free online electric potential course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: for detection of brain's behavior, eeg and ecg use with options graph, sensors, electrodes and both a and b with online learning guide for international exams' preparation like SAT prep for good SAT percentiles, study electrostatic multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Electric Potential Video

Quiz on Electric Potential Worksheet 90 Quiz PDF Download

Electric Potential Quiz

MCQ: For detection of brain's behavior, EEG and ECG use

  1. graph
  2. sensors
  3. electrodes
  4. both a and b


Vector Addition by Rectangular Components Quiz

MCQ: Resultant magnitude of two vectors is given by formula

  1. √((Ax + Bx)² + (Ay + By)²)
  2. √((Ax + By) + (Ay + Bx))
  3. √((Ax + Bx)-(Ay + By))
  4. √((Ax-Bx) + (Ay-By))


PN Junction Quiz

MCQ: Ratio of forward voltage and a forward current is known as

  1. steradian
  2. PN junction
  3. forward resistance
  4. forward junction


Transformers Quiz

MCQ: Practical application of mutual induction is

  1. transformer
  2. DC generator
  3. AC generator
  4. capacitor


Current Source Quiz

MCQ: Liquid that is used to conduct current is called

  1. electrolysis
  2. electrode
  3. electrolyte
  4. cathode