Magnitude of a Vector Quiz Questions and Answers 14 PDF Book Download

Magnitude of a vector quiz, magnitude of a vector MCQs with answers, applied physics test prep 14 to learn physics, online college courses. Vector and equilibrium quiz questions and answers, magnitude of a vector multiple choice questions (MCQs) to practice physics test with answers for online college degrees. Learn magnitude of a vector MCQs, errors in measurements in physics, power dissipation, work done by a constant force, carbon resistances color code, magnitude of a vector test prep for physics certifications.

Learn magnitude of a vector MCQ with multiple choice questions: in given equation x + y = x - y, negative vector of y is, with choices 1, (-y), 0, and y for online masters degree in physics. Learn vector and equilibrium questions and answers for problem-solving, merit scholarships assessment test. Magnitude of a Vector Video

Quiz on Magnitude of a Vector Worksheet 14 PDF Book Download

Magnitude of a Vector MCQ

MCQ: In given equation X + Y = X - Y, negative vector of Y is

  1. 1
  2. (-Y)
  3. 0
  4. Y


Carbon Resistances Color Code MCQ

MCQ: Wire wound variable resistance is known as

  1. capacitor
  2. resistor
  3. diode
  4. rheostat


Work Done by A Constant Force MCQ

MCQ: Space in which gravitational force acts on a body is known as

  1. gravitational field
  2. speed
  3. work done
  4. force


Power Dissipation MCQ

MCQ: Formula written as V(Q/T) is of

  1. acceleration
  2. work done
  3. power
  4. velocity


Errors in Measurements in Physics MCQ

MCQ: Prefix named as FEMTO has a factor of

  1. 10-12
  2. 1012
  3. 1015
  4. 10-15