Significant Figures Calculations Quiz Questions and Answers 113 PDF Download

Learn significant figures calculations quiz, online applied physics test 113 for distance learning, online courses. Free physics MCQs questions and answers to learn significant figures calculations MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on significant figures calculations with answers, moment of inertia, electronics, vector concepts, physics problems and solutions, significant figures calculations test for online high school physics class courses distance learning.

Free significant figures calculations online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: if number 43.75 is rounded off to three digits, result will be with choices 43.8, 43.7, 43.6 and 43.5 with online eLearning for online competitions like GRE study test for good GRE scores, study measurements in applied physics multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Significant Figures Calculations Video

Quiz on Significant Figures Calculations Worksheet 113 Quiz PDF Download

Significant Figures Calculations Quiz

MCQ. If number 43.75 is rounded off to three digits, result will be

  1. 43.8
  2. 43.7
  3. 43.6
  4. 43.5


Physics Problems and Solutions Quiz

MCQ. According to Lenz's law, if you pull magnet away, then induced current will

  1. change the pull
  2. go with pull
  3. oppose the pull
  4. both a and b


Vector Concepts Quiz

MCQ. If a vector gets multiplied by a negative number, then its direction

  1. remain same
  2. gets reversed
  3. gets half
  4. gets double


Electronics Quiz

MCQ. In a PNP transistor, n-region as compared to p-region is

  1. smaller
  2. larger
  3. same
  4. negligible


Moment of Inertia Quiz

MCQ. Hoop has moment of inertia given as

  1. 1/12(ml)
  2. mr²
  3. 1/4(mr)
  4. ³/5(mr²)