Magnetic Field Quiz Questions and Answers 108 PDF Book Download

Magnetic field quiz questions, magnetic field MCQs with answers, applied physics test prep 108 to learn online college courses for physics degrees. Electromagnetism quiz questions and answers, magnetic field multiple choice questions (MCQs) to practice physics test with answers for online colleges and universities courses. Learn magnetic field MCQs, current source, projectile motion, physics numericals, magnetic field test prep for physics certifications.

Learn magnetic field test with multiple choice question (MCQs): ratio of magnetic force fm and electric force fe acting on a charge getting undeflected through field is, with choices e/b, b/e, 1, and 0 for online associates degree in physics. Learn electromagnetism questions and answers for problem-solving, merit scholarships assessment test. Magnetic Field Video

Quiz on Magnetic Field Worksheet 108Quiz Book Download

Magnetic Field Quiz

MCQ: Ratio of magnetic force Fm and electric force Fe acting on a charge getting undeflected through field is

  1. E/B
  2. B/E
  3. 1
  4. 0


Physics Numericals Quiz

MCQ: A disc rolls down from hill at height of 20 m. If disc starts from rest on top of hill, its speed at bottom will be

  1. 6.1 m s-1
  2. 16 m s-1
  3. 17 m s-1
  4. 16.1 m s-1


Projectile Motion Quiz

MCQ: Range of projectile will be maximum when angle of projectile is

  1. 30
  2. 45
  3. 60
  4. 90


Current Source Quiz

MCQ: Sunlight is directly converted into electrical energy by using

  1. cells
  2. solar cells
  3. electric generator
  4. electrical energy


Transformers Quiz

MCQ: Efficiency of transformer is defined as

  1. (output power/input power) × 100
  2. (input power/output power) × 100
  3. input power/output power
  4. output power × 100