Applied Physics Work and Energy Multiple Choice Questions 5 PDF Download

Learn applied physics work and energy multiple choice questions (MCQs), applied physics test 5 for online course prep exams. Practice applied physics: energy MCQs questions and answers on applied physics energy, work done by a constant force test for online physics problems courses distance learning.

Free applied physics work and energy quiz online, study guide has multiple choice question: colored tv has approximate power of with choices 110, 100, 120 and 130 with online eLearning for international exams' preparation like ETS GRE exam for good GRE scores. Study to learn applied physics: energy quiz questions with online learning MCQs for competitive exam preparation test. Applied Physics: Energy Video

MCQ on Applied Physics Work and Energy Test 5 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. Colored TV has approximate power of

  1. 100
  2. 110
  3. 120
  4. 130


MCQ. System international unit of work done is newton meter which is known as

  1. joule
  2. kelvin
  3. ampere
  4. candela


MCQ. Gravitational force at center is given by formula of

  1. F = GMm/r²
  2. F = GMm/r
  3. F = GM/r²
  4. F = Mm/r²


MCQ. Work done by a body is said to be a quantity known as

  1. scalar quantity
  2. vector quantity
  3. physical quantity
  4. both a and b


MCQ. Work done by gravitational field is always

  1. conservative
  2. non conservative
  3. zero
  4. maximum