Modern Physics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 2 PDF Download

Learn modern physics multiple choice questions, applied physics online test 2 for colleges and universities test prep with e-learning degree, online courses. Practice modern physics multiple choice questions (MCQs), modern physics quiz questions and answers. Modern physics, special theory of relativity career test for online physics lab courses distance learning.

Study bachelor degree and masters in physics degree courses, modern physics quiz, study guide has multiple choice question (MCQs): according to theory of relative mass of an object is with options speed of light, depends on particles, volume of object and area of object for scholars' admission preparation in undergraduate degree programs and masters degree programs. Practice skills assessment test to learn online modern physics quiz questions with college physics MCQs for physics certification competitive exam prep. Modern Physics Video

MCQ on Modern Physics Test 2Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: According to theory of relative mass of an object is

  1. depends on particles
  2. speed of light
  3. volume of object
  4. area of object


MCQ: Radiation with energy that is easily detected as quanta

  1. 1 eV
  2. 1 KeV
  3. 1 MeV
  4. 10-10 eV


MCQ: Special theory of relativity treats problems involving

  1. inertial frame of reference
  2. non-inertial frame of reference
  3. non-accelerated frame of reference
  4. accelerated frame of reference


MCQ: According to special theory of relativity which one is not an absolute quantity?

  1. time
  2. mass
  3. height
  4. both a and b


MCQ: In e/m experiment, we assume nature of electron as

  1. wave
  2. particle
  3. photon
  4. both a and b