Electronics in Physics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 6 PDF Download

Learn electronics in physics multiple choice questions, applied physics online test 6 for e-learning, free online courses test. Practice logic gates multiple choice questions (MCQs), electronics in physics quiz questions and answers. Learn logic gates, pn junction, rectification, electronics ETS GRE test prep for online mastering physics courses distance learning.

Study electronics in physics quiz with multiple choice question (MCQs): gate whose output is 0 only when inputs are different is called, for bachelor degree and masters in physics degree courses with choices xnor, xor, nor, nand for online college courses preparation, distance education and financial aid online tests. Practice skills assessment test to learn online logic gates quiz questions with college physics MCQs for physics certification competitive exam prep. Logic Gates Video

MCQ on Electronics in Physics Test 6Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Gate whose output is 0 only when inputs are different is called

  1. XOR
  2. XNOR
  3. NOR
  4. NAND


MCQ: In reverse biased situation, very small current flows due to

  1. majority charge carrier
  2. minority charge carrier
  3. zero charge carrier
  4. both a and b


MCQ: In a half rectification, diode conducts during

  1. both half cycles
  2. positive half
  3. negative half
  4. one half input


MCQ: In a PNP transistor, n-region as compared to p-region is

  1. smaller
  2. larger
  3. same
  4. negligible


MCQ: Function of photovoltaic cell is reverse of

  1. photo diode
  2. LED
  3. pair production
  4. transistor