Electric and Gravitational Forces MCQs Test Online PDF Download

Multiple choice questions on electric and gravitational forces, learn online applied physics test prep for college degrees online courses. Learn electrostatic multiple choice questions (MCQs), electric and gravitational forces quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on gauss law, coulombs law, capacitor, electric potential aptitude test for online easy physics courses distance learning.

Practice electrostatic aptitude test MCQs: gravitational force is force that is always, for free online college courses with options repulsive, attractive, opposite for online associates degree. Free skills assessment test is for online learning electric and gravitational forces quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers. Electric and Gravitational Forces Video

MCQ on Electric and Gravitational ForcesQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Gravitational and electric forces are inversely proportional to

  1. distance
  2. square of distance
  3. mass
  4. square of mass


MCQ: Gravitational force is force that is always

  1. repulsive
  2. attractive
  3. opposite
  4. both a and b


MCQ: Electric force between two charges is similar to gravitational force between

  1. two point charges
  2. two point masses
  3. two bodies
  4. two distances