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Coulombs law multiple choice questions (MCQs), coulombs law test prep for online learning with college degree certificate eCourses. Learn electrostatic multiple choice questions (MCQs), coulombs law quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on gauss law, coulombs law, capacitor, electric potential aptitude test for online mechanics physics courses distance learning.

Practice electrostatic aptitude test MCQs: two positive charges q1 = 16 c and q2 = 4 c, separated by a diameter of 3 m will produce force of, for free online courses with options 40 n, 41.1 n, 42.3 n, 42.7 n for online college degrees. Free skills assessment test is for online e-learning coulombs law quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers. Coulombs Law Video

MCQ on Coulombs LawQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Law stating that "force is directly proportional to product of charges and inversely proportional to square of separation between them" is called

  1. newton's law
  2. coulombs law
  3. gauss's law
  4. &Ohm's law


MCQ: Two positive charges Q1 = 16 C and Q2 = 4 C, separated by a diameter of 3 m will produce force of

  1. 40 N
  2. 41.1 N
  3. 42.3 N
  4. 42.7 N


MCQ: Formula that describes statement of Coulomb's law is

  1. f = kQ1Q2/r²
  2. f = Q1Q2/r²
  3. f = kQ/r²
  4. f = kQ1Q2/r


MCQ: Value of constant K in Coulomb's law has value of

  1. 9 × 10³
  2. 9 × 105
  3. 9 × 107
  4. 9 × 109


MCQ: Electric charges under action of electric forces is called

  1. electrostatic
  2. electric flux
  3. electric field
  4. electric field lines