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Solving inequalities MCQs, solving inequalities quiz answers to learn business online courses. Learn introduction to applied mathematics multiple choice questions (MCQs), solving inequalities quiz questions and answers. Career assessment test on absolute values and relationships, first degree equations in one variable, second degree equation in one variable, first degree equations, solving inequalities test prep for online certifications.

Practice introduction to applied mathematics test MCQs: in interval notation (a,b) = {x | a < x < b}, (a,b) represents with choices close interval, open interval, single interval, and double notation for online mathematics degree. Prepare assessment test for scholarships, online learning solving inequalities quiz questions for competitive assessment in math major.

MCQ on Solving InequalitiesQuiz Book Download

MCQ: In interval notation (a,b) = {x | a < x < b}, (a,b) represents

  1. close interval
  2. open interval
  3. single interval
  4. double notation


MCQ: Type of inequality in which it is always true is classified as

  1. absolute equality
  2. differential equality
  3. absolute inequality
  4. differential inequality


MCQ: Specific set of real numbers that lies between two conditional numbers a and b is classified as

  1. interval
  2. break
  3. double interval
  4. equal interval


MCQ: Inequalities in which items compared are never equal to each other is classified as

  1. strict equality
  2. strict inequality
  3. strict quadrates
  4. differential quadrates


MCQ: Statement written as value of x is less than 50 is represented as

  1. 50 > x
  2. x > 50
  3. x < 50
  4. 50 < x