Slope Intercept Form MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn slope intercept form MCQs, applied mathematics test for online courses learning and test prep to practice. Linear equations quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), slope intercept form quiz questions and answers to learn.

Applied math practice test MCQ on slope intercept form of linear equation is with options y = c⁄b - ax⁄b, y = b⁄c - ax⁄b, y = c⁄b - ab⁄x and xy = bx⁄c - ay⁄b problem solving skills for viva, competitive exam prep, interview questions with answer key. Free study guide is for online learning slope intercept form quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers. Slope Intercept Form Video

MCQs on Slope Intercept Form Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. Slope intercept form of linear equation is

  1. y = c⁄b - ax⁄b
  2. y = b⁄c - ax⁄b
  3. y = c⁄b - ab⁄x
  4. xy = bx⁄c - ay⁄b


MCQ. In slope intercept form of linear equation 'y = mx+k', k is

  1. y-coordinate of x-intercept
  2. x-coordinate of y-intercept
  3. x-coordinate of x-intercept
  4. y-coordinate of y-intercept


MCQ. If two straight lines have same slope then these two lines are classified as

  1. horizontal lines
  2. parallel lines
  3. vertical lines
  4. perpendicular lines


MCQ. Slope intercept form of linear equation in generalized form is as

  1. x = mx+k-y
  2. y = ak-mx
  3. y = mx+k
  4. ky = mx+k


MCQ. Equation of straight line with slope -8 and y intercept (0,16) is written as

  1. 8 = y+(-16)
  2. y = -8x + 16
  3. y = 16x+(-8)
  4. x = -8x +16