Three Dimensional Coordinate Systems Quiz Questions and Answers 78 PDF Download

Three dimensional coordinate systems quiz questions and answers, learn online applied mathematics test prep 78 for distance learning online MBA courses. College and university courses MCQs on linear equations quiz, three dimensional coordinate systems multiple choice questions to practice mathematics quiz with answers. Learn three dimensional coordinate systems MCQs, career aptitude test on dual simplex method, cash flow analysis, linear functions in maths, quadratic functions characteristics, three dimensional coordinate systems practice test for online best mathematics courses distance learning.

Practice three dimensional coordinate systems career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): in graphically representation of equation, number of dimensions is determined by, for online business degree with options number of variables, number of quadrants, number of octants, number of axes to earn a business degree online. Practice linear equations questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Three Dimensional Coordinate Systems Worksheet 78Quiz PDF Download

Three Dimensional Coordinate Systems Quiz

MCQ: In graphically representation of equation, number of dimensions is determined by

  1. number of variables
  2. number of quadrants
  3. number of octants
  4. number of axes


Quadratic Functions Characteristics Quiz

MCQ: 'concave up' parabola point where it bottoms out is considered as

  1. left vertex
  2. convex vertex
  3. vertex of parabola
  4. concave vertex


Linear Functions in Maths Quiz

MCQ: Total revenue $35,000 USD and price of each output unit sold $70 USD then number of units sold is

  1. 0.002 pre unit cost
  2. 500 units
  3. 2450000 units
  4. 5000 units


Cash Flow Analysis Quiz

MCQ: Present value of cash inflows is $70,000 USD and present value of cash outflows is $85,000 USD then net present value is

  1. −$155000
  2. $15,000
  3. −$15000
  4. $155,000


Dual Simplex Method Quiz

MCQ: Problem statement which is formulated with help of information available in primal problem is considered as

  1. dual variables
  2. single problems
  3. double problems
  4. dual problems