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Linear programming models MCQs, linear programming models quiz answers to learn business courses online. Linear programming: an introduction multiple choice questions (MCQs), linear programming models quiz questions and answers for online mathematics degree. Linear objective function, math: linear programming, introduction to linear programming, linear programming models test prep for online certifications.

Learn linear programming: an introduction test MCQs: model which involves determining of items included in a person meal planning is classified as with choices diet mix model, drink mix model, cost model, and profit model for online mathematics degree. Practice assessment test for scholarships, online learning linear programming models quiz questions for competitive assessment in math major.

MCQ on Linear Programming ModelsQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Model which involves determining of items included in a person meal planning is classified as

  1. diet mix model
  2. drink mix model
  3. cost model
  4. profit model


MCQ: In transportation models designed in linear programming, sources of supply of homogenous commodity is classified as

  1. transportation
  2. destinations
  3. origins
  4. ordination


MCQ: Linear programming models which is used in petroleum product mixture, fertilizers and grass seeds mix is classified as

  1. ingredient models
  2. component models
  3. blending models
  4. mixing models


MCQ: In linear programming, diet mix models main objective is

  1. minimizing cost of meal
  2. satisfying nutritional requirement
  3. minimizing profit on meals
  4. both a and b


MCQ: More generalized techniques for modeling frameworks is classified as

  1. linear programming
  2. mathematical programming
  3. framework modeling
  4. rows and column modeling