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Graphic solutions multiple choice questions (MCQs), graphic solutions quiz answers to learn business courses online. Linear programming: an introduction MCQs, graphic solutions quiz questions and answers for online mathematics degree. Learn introduction to linear programming, linear objective function, graphic solutions test prep for online certifications.

Learn linear programming: an introduction test MCQs: linear inequalities are graphically represented on cartesian plane by a with choices negative full space, closed half space, open half space, and positive full space for online mathematics degree. Practice assessment test for scholarships, online learning graphic solutions quiz questions for competitive assessment in math major.

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MCQ: Linear inequalities are graphically represented on Cartesian plane by a

  1. negative full space
  2. closed half space
  3. open half space
  4. positive full space


MCQ: According to system of constraints, first step in graphical procedure is to identify

  1. solution coordinates
  2. solution intercept
  3. solution set
  4. solution vertex


MCQ: One subset which satisfies equality part of equation is graphically represented by

  1. straight line
  2. shaded area around straight line
  3. domain area of y intercept
  4. range area of x intercept


MCQ: According to system of constraints, solution set graphical representation is classified as

  1. region of ordinate solutions
  2. region of intercept solutions
  3. region of vertex solutions
  4. region of feasible solutions