Annuities and Future Values MCQs Quiz Online PDF Book Download

Annuities and future values multiple choice questions (MCQs), annuities and future values quiz answers to learn BBA online business courses. Mathematics of finance MCQs, annuities and future values quiz questions and answers for online mathematics degree. Learn annuities and present value, single payment computations, cash flow analysis, annuities and future values test prep for online certifications.

Learn mathematics of finance MCQ: assumption in calculating annuity is that every payment is with choices equal, different, nominal, and marginal for online mathematics degree. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning annuities and future values quiz questions for competitive exams in math major.

MCQs on Annuities and Future Values PDF Book Download

MCQ: Assumption in calculating annuity is that every payment is

  1. equal
  2. different
  3. nominal
  4. marginal


MCQ: Accumulated series of deposits as future sum of money is classified as

  1. marginal fund
  2. nominal fund
  3. sinking fund
  4. annuity fund


MCQ: Series of payments made periodically is classified as

  1. annuity
  2. effective payment
  3. marginal payment
  4. nominal payment


MCQ: Regular deposits to savings account and periodic payments for retirement funds are considered as

  1. marginal payment
  2. nominal payment
  3. annuity
  4. effective payment


MCQ: Reciprocal of series compound amount factor is classified as

  1. series fund factor
  2. sinking fund factor
  3. annuity fund factor
  4. nominal fund factor