Social Anthropology Quiz Question and Answers 72 PDF Download

Learn social anthropology quiz, online anthropolgy basics test 72 for online courses, distance learning. Free anthropology basics MCQs questions and answers to learn social anthropology MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on social anthropology, cultural anthropology, religion of anthropology, anthropology, applied anthropology worksheets.

Free social anthropology course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as this is position occupied by a person in a social system relative to others with options by social status, a person, a person gets the position by marriage and none of these with problems solving answer key to test study skills for online e-learning, viva help and jobs' interview preparation tips, study symbolic multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Social Anthropology Worksheet 72

Social Anthropology Quiz

MCQ. This is position occupied by a person in a social system relative to others

  1. By social status
  2. A person
  3. A person gets the position by marriage
  4. None of these


Cultural Anthropology Quiz

MCQ. What includes two processes: participating, or being part of people's lives while careful observing

  1. Participant observation
  2. Encentrism
  3. Applied observation
  4. Observing


Religion of Anthropology Quiz

MCQ. Magic in a more neutral term

  1. General practice to cure sick
  2. All of the above
  3. Sorcery
  4. None of these


Anthropology Quiz

MCQ. As explained in "Eating Christmas in Kalahari," Richard Borshay Lee found that

  1. An outsider should not visit the Bushmen without bringing a gift
  2. Bushmen do not welcome visitors at holidays
  3. The response of people to a gift can be instructive about their culture
  4. it is considered incorrect to insult guests within the Bushmen society


Applied Anthropology Quiz

MCQ. Applied anthropology is solution of

  1. Practical problem
  2. Technical Problem
  3. Mechanical Problem
  4. Electrical Problem