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Electromagnetic Waves (EW) Quiz Questions and Answers 80 PDF Download

Learn electromagnetic waves (ew) quiz questions, GCE A level physics online test 80 for distance learning degrees, free online courses. Colleges and universities courses' MCQs on physics: waves quiz, electromagnetic waves (ew) multiple choice questions and answers to learn physics quiz with answers. Practice electromagnetic waves (ew) MCQs, SAT test assessment on shm graphics representation, radio waves, gravitational field representation, fundamental particles, electromagnetic waves (ew) practice test for online easy physics courses distance learning.

Study electromagnetic waves (ew) online courses with multiple choice question (MCQs): electric and magnetic fields vary at angle of , for bachelor degree and masters in physics degree questions with choices 30°, 90°, 45°, 180° with common interview questions and answers for online pre-employment assessment of job seekers. Learn physics: waves quizzes with problem-solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Electromagnetic Waves (EW) Worksheet 80Quiz PDF Download

Electromagnetic Waves (EW) Quiz

MCQ: Electric and magnetic fields vary at angle of

  1. 30°
  2. 90°
  3. 45°
  4. 180°


Fundamental Particles Quiz

MCQ: Particles like kaons and muons etc, were found out by

  1. looking at cosmic rays
  2. looking at particles in accelerators
  3. looking closely at atom
  4. both A and B


Gravitational Field Representation Quiz

MCQ: All objects are attracted towards

  1. center of Earth
  2. sun
  3. mars
  4. moon


Radio Waves Quiz

MCQ: In frequency modulation, amplitude of modulated wave is

  1. positive
  2. negative
  3. constant
  4. zero


SHM Graphics Representation Quiz

MCQ: Acceleration is directly related to

  1. displacement
  2. negative of displacement
  3. velocity
  4. negative of speed