Projectiles Motion in Two Dimensions MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Projectiles motion in two dimensions MCQs, learn GCE A level physics online test prep for distance education, online courses. Practice accelerated motion multiple choice questions (MCQs), projectiles motion in two dimensions quiz questions and answers. SAT prep on equation of motion, a levels physics problems, acceleration calculations, uniformly accelerated motion equation, projectiles motion in two dimensions tutorials for online what is physics courses distance learning.

Study bachelors and masters in physics degree MCQs, only force acting on a bouncing ball is, for free online courses with choices gravity, weight of ball, friction, a and b both with online tutorial questions and answers for online college class tests with exam papers important questions. Free skills assessment test is for online learning projectiles motion in two dimensions quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on Projectiles Motion in Two DimensionsQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Only force acting on a bouncing ball is

  1. gravity
  2. weight of ball
  3. friction
  4. a and b both


MCQ: A stone is thrown upwards with initial velocity of 20 m s-1, height that stone will reach would be

  1. 20 m
  2. 30 m
  3. 40 m
  4. 50 m


MCQ: Projectile will attain its maximum range, if it is fired at an angle of

  1. 30°
  2. 47°
  3. 90°
  4. 45°


MCQ: Horizontal component of a bouncing ball is

  1. affected by gravity
  2. unaffected by gravity
  3. affected by weight
  4. affected by contact force


MCQ: When ball having a projectile motion is rising up, it

  1. decelerates
  2. accelerates
  3. rises up with constant acceleration
  4. acceleration becomes zero