Orbiting under Gravity MCQs Quiz Online PDF Book Download

Orbiting under gravity MCQs, orbiting under gravity quiz answers to learn physics courses online. Gravitational field multiple choice questions (MCQs), orbiting under gravity quiz questions and answers for online college degrees. Learn earth orbit, orbital period, gravitational field representation, orbiting under gravity test prep for physics certifications.

Learn gravitational field test MCQs: mass of satellite orbiting earth is, with choices considered, irrelevant, should be infinite, and should be zero for online college degrees. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning orbiting under gravity quiz questions for competitive assessment in physics major.

MCQ on Orbiting under GravityQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Mass of satellite orbiting Earth is

  1. considered
  2. irrelevant
  3. should be infinite
  4. should be zero


MCQ: Satellite around Earth follows a circular path because

  1. gravitational force is parallel to velocity
  2. gravitational force is anti parallel to velocity
  3. gravitational force is perpendicular to velocity
  4. gravitational force is anti perpendicular to