Physics Waves Multiple Choice Questions 1 PDF Download

Learn physics waves multiple choice questions (MCQs), A level physics test 1 for online course prep exams. Practice wave energy MCQs questions and answers on wave energy, electromagnetic radiation, waves in physics, wave speed test for online physics II courses distance learning.

Free physics waves quiz online, study guide has multiple choice question: intensity of sun's radiation is about with choices 20 kw m-2, 1.0 kw m-2, 5 kw m-2 and 8 kw m-2 for online competitive exam preparation for research jobs, job hiring and graduate jobs. Study to learn wave energy quiz questions with online learning MCQs for competitive exam preparation test.

MCQ on Physics Waves Test 1 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. Intensity of sun's radiation is about

  1. 1.0 kW m-2
  2. 20 kW m-2
  3. 5 kW m-2
  4. 8 kW m-2


MCQ. When light enters from vacuum in to glass, it's velocity

  1. decreases
  2. remains same
  3. increases
  4. varies depending on mass of glass


MCQ. As wave travels, intensity

  1. increases
  2. remains same
  3. decreases
  4. varies


MCQ. Waves that move through materials are called

  1. progressive waves
  2. EM waves
  3. radio waves
  4. UV waves


MCQ. Speed of sound in air is

  1. 280 m s-1
  2. 300 m s-1
  3. 350 m s-1
  4. 330 m s-1