Electromagnetism and Magnetic Field Multiple Choice Questions 1 PDF Download

Learn electromagnetism and magnetic field multiple choice questions (MCQs), A level physics test 1 for online course prep exams. Practice magnetic flux and density MCQs questions and answers on magnetic flux and density, si units relation, magnetic, electric and gravitational fields, magnetic field in physics for GCE examination board prep.

Free electromagnetism and magnetic field quiz online, study guide has multiple choice question on strength of magnetic field is known as with options density, flux, magnetic strength and magnetic flux density to test online e-learning skills for viva exam prep and job's interview questions with answers key. Study to learn magnetic flux and density quiz questions with online learning MCQs for competitive exam preparation test.

MCQ on Electromagnetism and Magnetic Field Quiz PDF Download Test 1

MCQ. Strength of magnetic field is known as

  1. flux
  2. density
  3. magnetic strength
  4. magnetic flux density


MCQ. Unit of luminous intensity is

  1. m
  2. kg
  3. cd
  4. mol


MCQ. For a hydrogen atom electrical force as compared to gravitational force is

  1. 1039 times
  2. 1040 times
  3. 1041 times
  4. 1042 times


MCQ. Weakest force in nature is

  1. electric force
  2. gravitational force
  3. weak force
  4. magnetic force


MCQ. Magnetic field can be produced by using

  1. permanent magnet
  2. electric current
  3. temporary magnet
  4. both A and B