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Faradays law multiple choice questions, learn online GCE A level physics test prep for certificate programs online courses. Learn electromagnetic induction multiple choice questions (MCQs), faradays law quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on lenzs law, faradays law, electromagnetic induction: physics aptitude test for online 11th physics courses distance learning.

Practice electromagnetic induction aptitude test MCQs: magnitude of induced e.m.f is proportional to, for free online certificate courses with options rate of change of current, rate of change of voltage, rate of change of magnetic flux linkage, rate of change of resistance for online eLearning for free hiring tests, pre-employment exams and job assessment test with answer key. Free skills assessment test is for online learning faradays law quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQ on Faradays LawQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: A straight wire of length 0.20 m moves at a steady speed of 3.0 m s-1 at right angles to magnetic field of flux density 0.10 T. e.m.f induced across ends of wire is

  1. 0.5 V
  2. 0.06 V
  3. 0.05 V
  4. 0.04 V


MCQ: Magnitude of induced e.m.f is proportional to

  1. rate of change of current
  2. rate of change of voltage
  3. rate of change of magnetic flux linkage
  4. rate of change of resistance