Energy Transfers MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn energy transfers MCQs, GCE A level physics online test for distance education, free online courses prep. Practice work, energy and power multiple choice questions (MCQs), energy transfers quiz questions and answers. SAT prep on gravitational potential energy, physics: power, energy transfers tutorials for online learning physics for beginners courses distance learning.

Study bachelors and masters in physics degree MCQs: efficiency of car engine is only about, for online courses with choices 10%, 20%, 30%, 80% for college board examination to practice logic questions for free online competitions and examinations. Free skills assessment test is for online learn energy transfers quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on Energy TransfersQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Efficiency of car engine is only about

  1. 10%
  2. 20%
  3. 30%
  4. 80%


MCQ: Work done by a person having weight 600 N and he needs to climb up a mountain of height 2000 m is

  1. 1000 kJ
  2. 1300 kJ
  3. 1400 kJ
  4. 1200 kJ