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Electronic sensing system multiple choice questions (MCQs), electronic sensing system quiz answers to learn A level physics courses for online degrees. Electronics MCQs with answers, electronic sensing system quiz questions and answers for undergraduate degree. Learn operational amplifier, inverting amplifier in electronics, output devices, electronic sensing system test prep for physics certifications.

Learn electronics test MCQs: a sensing device is also called, with choices transistor, thermistor, sensor, and transducer for undergraduate degree. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning electronic sensing system quiz questions for competitive assessment in physics major.

MCQ on Electronic Sensing SystemQuiz Book Download

MCQ: A sensing device is also called

  1. transistor
  2. thermistor
  3. sensor
  4. transducer


MCQ: Change in length and cross-sectional area of metal wire changes

  1. current
  2. voltage
  3. resistance
  4. magnetic effect


MCQ: A light dependent resistor is made up of

  1. low resistance semiconductor
  2. low resistance metal
  3. high resistance semiconductor
  4. high resistance metal


MCQ: A component whose property changes when there is a change in any physical quantity of a device is

  1. processor
  2. sensor
  3. output device
  4. portable device


MCQ: When temperature rises, resistance of negative temperature coefficient thermistor

  1. increases
  2. decreases
  3. zero
  4. infinity