Electrical Potential MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn electrical potential MCQs, A level physics test for learning online courses and test prep to practice. As level physics quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), electrical potential quiz questions and answers, a levels physics problems, centripetal force, magnetic, electric and gravitational fields, viscosity and friction, electrical potential tutorials for online learn high school physics courses distance learning.

GCE physics practice test MCQ: if charge is placed at infinity, it's potential is with choices zero, infinite, 1 and -1 for summative assessment, summative assessment of jobs' seekers and students with online jobs and courses' tests. Free study guide is for online learning electrical potential quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Electrical Potential Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. If charge is placed at infinity, it's potential is

  1. zero
  2. infinite
  3. 1
  4. -1


MCQ. If we move a positive charge to a positive plate, then potential energy of charge is

  1. decreased
  2. increased
  3. remains constant
  4. dissipated


MCQ. Graph of potential energy against distance is

  1. curve
  2. parabolic
  3. hyperbolic
  4. straight line


MCQ. In an electric field, energy per unit positive charge is

  1. voltage
  2. current
  3. frequency
  4. resistance