Acceleration Calculations MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn acceleration calculations MCQs, GCE A level physics online test for distance education, free online courses prep. Practice accelerated motion multiple choice questions (MCQs), acceleration calculations quiz questions and answers. SAT prep on equation of motion, a levels physics problems, uniformly accelerated motion equation, acceleration calculations tutorials for online physics lab courses distance learning.

Study bachelors and masters in physics degree MCQs: if gradient of a graph is negative, then acceleration is, for online courses with choices positive, negative, zero, 1 for scholars' admission preparation in undergraduate degree programs and masters degree programs. Free skills assessment test is for online learn acceleration calculations quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on Acceleration CalculationsQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: If gradient of a graph is negative, then acceleration is

  1. positive
  2. negative
  3. zero
  4. 1


MCQ: Gradient of velocity-time graph tells us about object's

  1. velocity
  2. displacement
  3. distance
  4. acceleration


MCQ: An object whose velocity is changing is said to be in a state of

  1. acceleration
  2. rest
  3. equilibrium
  4. Brownian motion


MCQ: Force provided by breaking system of train if it is decelerating at rate of -3 ms-2 and having mass 10,000 kg is

  1. -30,000 N
  2. -40,000 N
  3. -50,000 N
  4. 30,000 N


MCQ: If a car starting from rest reaches a velocity of 18 m s-1 after 6.0 s then its acceleration is

  1. 1 ms-2
  2. 2 ms-2
  3. 3 ms-2
  4. 4 ms-2