Weak Acids MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn weak acids MCQs, A level chemistry test for online learning courses, test prep to practice test. Ionic equilibria quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), weak acids quiz questions and answers, indicators and acid base titrations, buffer solutions, weak acids tutorials for online high school chemistry courses distance learning.

GCE chemistry practice test MCQ: basic formula for monobasic acid is with options ah, ha, ha and ah with online eLearning for online competitions like GRE study test for good GRE scores. Free study guide is for online learning weak acids quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Weak Acids Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Basic formula for monobasic acid is

  1. AH
  2. HA
  3. Ha
  4. aH


MCQ: Position of equilibrium will be left if value of Ka is

  1. high
  2. low
  3. same
  4. constant


MCQ: Value of Ka can be calculated by determining

  1. concentration of acid
  2. pH of solution
  3. concentration of water molecules
  4. both A and B


MCQ: PH of weak acid can be calculated by knowing

  1. concentration of acid
  2. value of Ka
  3. water potential
  4. both A and B


MCQ: Ka is called

  1. acid dissociation constant
  2. base dissociation constant
  3. Avogadro constant
  4. salt dissociation constant