Uses of Group II Metals MCQs Test Online PDF Download

Uses of group ii metals multiple choice questions (MCQs), uses of group ii metals test prep to learn online GCE A level certificate programs courses. Learn groups ii and vii multiple choice questions (MCQs), uses of group ii metals quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on group vii elements and reactions, uses of group ii elements, reaction of group ii elements with oxygen, metallic radii of group ii elements, reactions of group vii elements aptitude test for online chemistry definitions courses distance learning.

Practice groups ii and vii aptitude test MCQs: lime used by farmers to raise ph of soil is, for free online certificate courses with options limestone, fresh lime, lime, slaked lime with tricky riddles to practice logic questions for free online competitions and mock tests. Free skills assessment test is for online learning uses of group ii metals quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQ on Uses of Group II MetalsQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: MgO is used to line kilns and furnaces because of

  1. its ability to act as a reducing agent
  2. its ability to neutralized excess acids
  3. its high melting point
  4. its greater metallic radius


MCQ: Lime used by farmers to raise pH of soil is

  1. Limestone
  2. Fresh lime
  3. Lime
  4. Slaked Lime


MCQ: Excess acids in stomach can be neutralized through

  1. Ca(OH)2
  2. Mg(OH)2
  3. MgO
  4. CaO


MCQ: Slaked lime is used

  1. in making of cement
  2. in making of fertilizers
  3. by farmers to increase the acidic soil's pH
  4. by farmers to reduce the alkaline soil's pH


MCQ: Metal oxide that turns into cement upon roasting with clay is

  1. NO
  2. CaO
  3. BaO
  4. MgO