Tetra Chlorides MCQs Test Online PDF Download

Tetra chlorides multiple choice questions, learn online GCE A level chemistry test prep for certificate programs online courses. Learn group iv multiple choice questions (MCQs), tetra chlorides quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on metallic character of group iv elements, properties variation in group iv aptitude test for online organic chemistry courses distance learning.

Practice group iv aptitude test MCQs: gas which is slightly soluble in water is, for free online certificate courses with options co, co2, both, co3-2 for online competitive tests preparation for graduate school admissions and pre-employment screening. Free skills assessment test is for online learning tetra chlorides quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQ on Tetra ChloridesQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Oxides of group IV behave as

  1. acid
  2. base
  3. amphoteric
  4. alkalis


MCQ: Gas which is slightly soluble in water is

  1. CO
  2. CO2
  3. both
  4. CO3-2


MCQ: Compounds formed by group IV elements and chlorine are called

  1. fluorides
  2. chloride
  3. tetra chlorides
  4. tetra fluorides


MCQ: All group IV elements form a compound with

  1. zinc
  2. copper
  3. chlorine
  4. sulfur


MCQ: Oxides formed by group IV have oxidation state

  1. 2
  2. 4
  3. 1
  4. both A and B