Polyamides Quiz Questions 5 PDF Download

Learn polyamides quiz online, Cambridge GCE chemistry test 5 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free polymerization quiz, polyamides quiz questions and answers to learn chemistry MCQs with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on polyamides MCQs with answers, buffer solutions, alkenes and formulas, ligands and complex formation, enzyme specifity, polyamides practice test for online chemical equation courses distance learning.

Free online polyamides course worksheet has multiple choice question: nylon is a/an with options amides, peptides, polyamides and polyesters for online college courses preparation, distance education and financial aid online tests, study polymerization multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Polyamides Worksheet 5 Quiz PDF Download

Polyamides Quiz

MCQ: Nylon is a/an

  1. amides
  2. peptides
  3. polyamides
  4. polyesters


Enzyme Specifity Quiz

MCQ: Lysine and arginine are left behind in peptides bonds and are known as

  1. amylase
  2. trypsin
  3. urease
  4. lactase


Ligands and Complex Formation Quiz

MCQ: Number of dative bonds to central metal ion is its

  1. oxidation number
  2. compound number
  3. co-ordination number
  4. dative number


Alkenes and Formulas Quiz

MCQ: Due to presence of double bonds, alkenes are

  1. unsaturated
  2. saturated
  3. polar
  4. non-polar


Buffer Solutions Quiz

MCQ: PH can be kept constant with help of

  1. saturated solution
  2. unsaturated solution
  3. buffer solution
  4. super saturated solution