Sulfur and Oxides Quiz Questions 21 PDF Download

Sulfur and oxides quiz questions and answers, sulfur and oxides online learning, GCE A level chemistry test prep 21 for distance education eCourses. Undergraduate degree and master's degree eCourses MCQs on nitrogen and sulfur quiz, sulfur and oxides multiple choice questions to practice chemistry quiz with answers. Learn sulfur and oxides MCQs, career aptitude test on uses of group ii metals, chlorides of period 3 elements, sigma bonds and pi bonds, indicators and acid base titrations, sulfur and oxides test for online chemical class courses distance learning.

Practice sulfur and oxides career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): acidic foods are mostly preserved with help of solution made from, for online certificate courses with options sulfur dioxide, ammonium nitrate, ammonium phosphate, ammonium sulfate with online learning guide for international exams' preparation like ETS GRE test prep for good GRE percentiles. Learn nitrogen and sulfur questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Sulfur and Oxides Worksheet 21Quiz PDF Download

Sulfur and Oxides Quiz

MCQ: Acidic foods are mostly preserved with help of solution made from

  1. sulfur dioxide
  2. ammonium nitrate
  3. ammonium phosphate
  4. ammonium sulfate


Indicators and Acid Base Titrations Quiz

MCQ: Litmus is used to test either substance is

  1. acidic or alkaline
  2. aqueous or pure liquid
  3. moist gas or dry gas
  4. semi-solid or solid


Sigma bonds and Pi bonds Quiz

MCQ: In ethane C2H4, C-C form a

  1. σ-bond
  2. π-bond
  3. dative covalent bond
  4. electrovalent bond


Chlorides of Period 3 elements Quiz

MCQ: Oxidation number of Si in SiCl4 is

  1. +2
  2. +3
  3. +4
  4. +5


Uses of Group II Metals Quiz

MCQ: MgO is used to line kilns and furnaces because of

  1. its ability to act as a reducing agent
  2. its ability to neutralized excess acids
  3. its high melting point
  4. its greater metallic radius