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Atom facts quiz, atom facts MCQs answers, GCE A level chemistry quiz 155 to learn online college chemistry courses. College and university courses MCQs, atomic structure and theory quiz questions and answers, atom facts multiple choice questions to practice chemistry test with answers. Learn atom facts MCQs, career test on enzyme specifity, bond energies and enthalpies, catalysts, atom facts test prep for chemistry certifications.

Practice atom facts career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): pathway of electron is called, with choices orbit, orbital, axis, and electric path for online chemistry degree. Learn atomic structure and theory questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test.

Quiz on Atom Facts Worksheet 155Quiz Book Download

Atom Facts Quiz

MCQ: Pathway of electron is called

  1. orbit
  2. orbital
  3. axis
  4. electric path


Catalysts Quiz

MCQ: Reaction of gaseous molecules at surface of solid catalyst is done in

  1. homogeneous catalysis
  2. heterogeneous catalysis
  3. hypogenous catalyst
  4. hypergeneous catalyst


Bond Energies and Enthalpies Quiz

MCQ: Identical bonds in molecules which possesses two type of bonds have bond energies totally

  1. different
  2. unique
  3. same
  4. constant


Enzyme Specifity Quiz

MCQ: Of given series of actions, action performed first is

  1. the substrate diffuses to the active site
  2. the enzyme-substrate complex is binded
  3. amino acids may acts as nucleophiles
  4. the products diffuse away from the active site


Catalysts Quiz

MCQ: Catalysis of hydrolysis of esters is done by

  1. hydrogen ions
  2. ethers
  3. alcohols
  4. all of them