Chlorides of Period 3 elements MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn chlorides of period 3 elements MCQs, online A level chemistry test for e-learning degrees, online courses prep. Practice periodicity multiple choice questions (MCQs), chlorides of period 3 elements quiz questions and answers. Career test on reaction of sodium and magnesium with water, oxidation number of oxides, chemical properties of chlorine, chlorides of period 3 elements tutorials for online organic chemistry online courses distance learning.

Study bachelors and masters degree courses, online chemistry degree programs MCQs: on hydration, [al(h2o)6]3+ (aq) produces with options h+ and [al(h2o)5]2+(aq), h2(g) and [al(h2o)4]2+(aq), h2(g) and [al(h2o)3]+(aq) and all of above with online global exams' preparation for online competitions like ETS GRE prep for good GRE scores. Free skills assessment test is for online learn chlorides of period 3 elements quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on Chlorides of Period 3 elementsQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: On hydration, [Al(H2O)6]3+ (aq) produces

  1. H+ and [Al(H2O)5]2+(aq)
  2. H2(g) and [Al(H2O)4]2+(aq)
  3. H2(g) and [Al(H2O)3]+(aq)
  4. All of Above


MCQ: Oxidation number of Si in SiCl4 is

  1. +2
  2. +3
  3. +4
  4. +5


MCQ: Solution is turned acidic upon hydration of AlCl3, because

  1. Al+3 ions are formed
  2. Cl- are formed
  3. H+ ions are formed
  4. All of Above


MCQ: In S2Cl2, oxidation number is

  1. +1
  2. +2
  3. +3
  4. +4


MCQ: Consider reaction: SiCl4(l) + 2H2O(l) → SiO2 + HCl. color of SiO2 is

  1. pink precipitate
  2. white precipitate
  3. blue precipitate
  4. red precipitate