Bond Angle and Bond Energy MCQs Test Online PDF Download

Bond angle and bond energy multiple choice questions (MCQs), bond angle and bond energy test prep for online learning with GCE A level degree certificate eCourses. Learn chemical bonding multiple choice questions (MCQs), bond angle and bond energy quiz questions and answers. Career test on van der walls forces in chemistry, ionic bonds and covalent bonds, electron pair repulsion and bond angles, covalent bonding test for online industrial chemistry courses distance learning.

Learn chemical bonding practice test MCQs: o=c=o bond is, for free online courses with options the bond angle is 180°, reduced to 87.5°, the bond angles are 120°, the bond angles are 109.5° for online preparation of competency based interview with trivia questions and answers. Free skills assessment test is for online e-learning bond angle and bond energy quiz questions for competitive assessment in chemistry major.

MCQ on Bond Angle and Bond EnergyQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Bond angles in water are

  1. 120°
  2. 109.5°
  3. 87.5°
  4. 104.5°


MCQ: O=C=O bond is

  1. the bond angle is 180°
  2. reduced to 87.5°
  3. the bond angles are 120°
  4. the bond angles are 109.5°


MCQ: Shape of water molecule is

  1. linear
  2. non-linear V shape
  3. trigonal
  4. tetrahedral


MCQ: In ammonia, greater repulsion is of

  1. lone pair-bond pair
  2. bond pair-bond pair
  3. lone pair-lone pair
  4. lone pair-bond pair-lone pair


MCQ: Bond angle of ClF3 is

  1. 109.5°
  2. 104.5°
  3. 120°
  4. 87.5°