Acid Base Equilibria MCQs Quiz Online PDF Book Download

Acid base equilibria MCQs, acid base equilibria quiz with answers for online learning chemistry courses. Learn equilibrium multiple choice questions (MCQs), acid base equilibria quiz questions and answers. Career test on equilibrium position, reversible reactions, acid base equilibria test prep for online chemistry major courses distance learning.

Learn equilibrium practice test MCQs: on description of proton, new classification of acid and base was given by, to learn chemistry degree with options j.bronsted, t.lowry, j.dalton with state colleges, community colleges and junior colleges course online preparation to improve problem-solving skills. Free skills assessment test for online learning acid base equilibria quiz questions for competitive assessment in chemistry major.

MCQ on Acid Base EquilibriaQuiz Book Download

MCQ: On description of proton, new classification of acid and base was given by

  1. J.bronsted
  2. T.lowry
  3. J.Dalton
  4. both A and B


MCQ: A substance which neutralizes a base is called

  1. acid
  2. alkali
  3. alkaloid
  4. halogen


MCQ: Saliva neutralizes acid, therefore it is slightly

  1. alkaline
  2. acidic
  3. basic
  4. amphoteric


MCQ: A base which is soluble in water is called

  1. hydrous
  2. alkali
  3. basic
  4. All of Above


MCQ: Taste of lemon is due to presence of

  1. citric acid
  2. acetic acid
  3. ethanoic acid
  4. All of Above