Biology Online Quiz Questions and Answers 8 PDF Download

Learn biology online quiz online, Cambridge GCE biology test 8 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free biology online MCQs questions and answers to learn biology quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on biology online test with answers, a level biology, infectious and non-infectious diseases, gcse a levels biology, mutations, mutagen and oncogene, biology online practice test for online microbiology courses distance learning.

Free online biology online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: annual worldwide incidence of cholera is with choices 1-2 million, 1-3 million, 1-5 million and 3 -5 million with online job placement tests, pre-employment assessment tests and financial aids tests, study infectious diseases multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Biology Online Worksheet 8 Quiz PDF Download

Biology Online Quiz

MCQ: Annual worldwide incidence of cholera is

  1. 1-2 million
  2. 1-3 million
  3. 1-5 million
  4. 3 -5 million


Mutations, Mutagen and Oncogene Quiz

MCQ: Tumour that spread throughout body and damaged invaded tissues is named as

  1. Malignant tumours
  2. Benign tumours
  3. Carcinogenic
  4. Fibromas Tumor


GCSE A Levels Biology Quiz

MCQ: Elastin in walls of alveoli is destroyed due to

  1. Smoker's cough
  2. The enlargement of right side of the heart
  3. A decreasing in pulmonary artery occurs
  4. An enzyme secreted by phagocytes in an attempt to get rid of bacteria settling in the lining of lungs


Infectious and non-infectious Diseases Quiz

MCQ: Polio is known as humans haunt after eradication of

  1. Tuberculosis
  2. Measles
  3. Chickenpox
  4. Smallpox


A Level Biology Quiz

MCQ: Structure of enzyme is

  1. 2 dimensional coiled strands
  2. 3 dimensional coiled strands
  3. Long unbranched chains
  4. Short branched chains