Transport system in Plants Quiz Questions and Answers 25 PDF Download

Transport system in plants quiz questions, learn online GCE A level biology test prep 25 for distance learning online courses. College and university courses MCQs on transport in multicellular plants quiz, transport system in plants multiple choice questions and answers to practice biology quiz with answers. Learn transport system in plants MCQs, career aptitude test on homeostasis, receptors and effectors, college biology, molecular biology and biochemistry, transport system in plants practice test for online biology courses distance learning.

Practice transport system in plants career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): large surface area compared to total volume is found in, for online certificate courses with options paramecium, cnidarians, fungi for college board examination to practice logic questions for free online competitions and examinations. Learn transport in multicellular plants questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Transport system in Plants Worksheet 25Quiz PDF Download

Transport system in Plants Quiz

MCQ: Large surface area compared to total volume is found in

  1. Paramecium
  2. Cnidarians
  3. Fungi
  4. Both A and B


Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Quiz

MCQ: All is true for glucose but

  1. It is a non reactive molecule
  2. It interferes with cell chemistry
  3. It can make the cell contents too concentrated
  4. It is the main source of energy for cells


College Biology Quiz

MCQ: In kidneys, collecting duct

  1. Is found in cortex
  2. Runs from the cortex into the medulla
  3. Runs from the medulla into the pelvis
  4. Runs through the efferent arteriole


Homeostasis, Receptors and Effectors Quiz

MCQ: In plants, depolarization of cell surface membrane

  1. Triggers the action potential
  2. Triggers the stress hormone
  3. Triggers the ABA
  4. Triggers the folding of leaves


Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Quiz

MCQ: Plants may not store

  1. Glucose itself
  2. Starch
  3. Cellulose
  4. Protoplasm