Allosteric Enzymes MCQs Test Online pdf Download

Practice MCQs on allosteric enzymes with MCAT tests for online test prep and learning. Free study guide has multiple choice questions (MCQ) with allosteric enzymes quiz as on top of active site, allosteric enzymes contain, answering options inhibitors, substrate, allosteric site and polypeptide chains for exam prep. Study to learn allosteric enzymes quiz online with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Allosteric Enzymes

MCQ. On top of active site, allosteric enzymes contain

  1. inhibitors.
  2. substrate.
  3. allosteric site.
  4. polypeptide chains.


MCQ. Enzymes that are involved in control and regulation of biological process are

  1. allosteric enzymes.
  2. inhibitors.
  3. regulators.
  4. none of above.


MCQ. Nonsubstrate molecules that binds to allosteric sites are called

  1. inhibitors.
  2. reactants.
  3. allosteric substrate.
  4. allosteric modulators.


MCQ. Allosteric enzymes consist of multiple

  1. inhibitors.
  2. polypeptide chains.
  3. active sites.
  4. temperature ranges.

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