Structure & Function of Ecosystem Quiz Questions and Answers Online 1 PDF eBooks Download

Learn structure & function of ecosystem quiz, environmental science online quiz 1 to practice. Free environmental science MCQs questions and answers to learn structure & function of ecosystem MCQs with answers.

Free structure & function of ecosystem worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as which macro consumers has a non vegetarian diet, answer key with choices as herbivores, omnivores, carnivores and decomposers problem solving to test study skills. For viva learning and jobs' interview preparation, study online ecosystems multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Structure & Function of Ecosystem 1 Download PDF

Structure & Function of Ecosystem Quiz

MCQ. Which macro consumers has a non vegetarian diet?

  1. Herbivores
  2. Omnivores
  3. Carnivores
  4. Decomposers


Solid Waste Management Quiz

MCQ. Minimum temperature in combustion chamber should be

  1. 670C
  2. 230C
  3. 890C
  4. 67C


Water Pollution Quiz

MCQ. BOD which is not oxidized biologically is known as

  1. Biologically Degradable
  2. Biologically Inactive
  3. Biologically Active
  4. Bioactive


Structure & Function of Ecosystem Quiz

MCQ. What are examples of primary producers?

  1. Omnivores
  2. Animals
  3. Green plants and Algae
  4. Carnivores


Air Pollution Quiz

MCQ. VOCs stands for

  1. Volcanic organic compounds
  2. Volatile Organic compounds
  3. Valuable organic compounds
  4. Voltage organic compounds