Requirements and Principles of Negotiation Multiple Choice Questions PDF Download

Practice requirements and principles of negotiation MCQs, advance project management test for online courses learning and test prep. Management of conflicts and negotiation quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), requirements and principles of negotiation quiz questions and answers to learn, .

Advance project management practice test MCQ on fourth point of principled negotiation is with options invent options for mutual gain, insist on using objective criteria, separate people from problem and focus on interests, not positions problem solving skills for viva, competitive exam prep, interview questions with answer key. Free study guide is for online learning requirements and principles of negotiation quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Requirements and Principles of Negotiation

MCQ. The Fourth Point of Principled Negotiation is

  1. Invent options for mutual gain
  2. Insist on using objective criteria
  3. Separate the people from the problem
  4. Focus on interests, not positions


MCQ. A solution in which no party can be made better off without making another party worse off by the same amount or more, is known as

  1. win-win solution
  2. win-lose solution
  3. lose-lose solution
  4. Pareto-Optimal Solution


MCQ. The total level of conflict is highest during the project

  1. Project formation Stage
  2. Project Buildup Stage
  3. Main program stage
  4. Project Phase-out stage


MCQ. Conflicts perceive things differently and feel strongly about the

  1. Decisions
  2. Agreements
  3. Similarities
  4. Differences


MCQ. In Fisher development the win-win solution is known as

  1. Principled Negotiation
  2. A1 Negotiation
  3. A2 Negotiation
  4. Ideal Negotiation