Pressure in Gases Quiz Questions 119 Tests pdf Download

Practice pressure in gases quizzes, O level physics quiz 119 to learn. Free physics MCQs questions and answers to learn pressure in gases MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on pressure in gases, forces and effects, speed and velocity: physics, total internal reflection, specific heat capacity worksheets.

Free pressure in gases worksheet has multiple choice quiz questions as in gases, diffusion occurs because, answer key with choices as molecules of the gases move in random motion, molecules of the gases attract each other, molecules of the gases that are present in a higher concentration exert a higher pressure and molecules of the gases repel each other to test study skills. For eLearning, study online simple kinetic theory of matter multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Pressure in Gases Video

Quiz on Pressure in Gases Quiz pdf Download Worksheet 119

Pressure in Gases Quiz

MCQ. In gases, diffusion occurs because

  1. Molecules of gases move in random motion
  2. Molecules of gases attract each other
  3. Molecules of gases that are present in a higher concentration exert a higher pressure
  4. Molecules of gases repel each other


Forces and Effects Quiz

MCQ. Surface irregularities between two surfaces result in

  1. resistance
  2. repulsion
  3. Friction
  4. Attraction


Speed and Velocity: Physics Quiz

MCQ. Speed is defined as

  1. The change of distance with respect to time
  2. The rate of change of distance
  3. Distance moved per unit time
  4. All of above


Total Internal Reflection Quiz

MCQ. If we feel no cold or hot, we call it

  1. temperature constancy
  2. thermal constancy
  3. thermal equilibrium
  4. temperature equilibrium


Specific Heat Capacity Quiz

MCQ. SI unit of specific heat capacity is

  1. joule
  2. joule ⁄ kilogram
  3. joule ⁄ (kilogram × kelvin)
  4. joule ⁄ kelvin