Introduction to Waves Quiz Questions and Answers 106 PDF Download

Practice introduction to waves quiz, online O level physics quiz 106 to learn. Free physics MCQs questions and answers to learn introduction to waves MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on introduction to waves, physics of light, energy and units, mass and weight, states of matter worksheets.

Free introduction to waves worksheet has multiple choice quiz questions as a source of any wave is , answer key with choices as ventilation, oscillation, energy and force problem solving to test study skills. For viva learning help and jobs' interview preparation tips, study online waves physics multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Introduction to Waves Video

Quiz on Introduction to Waves Quiz PDF Download Worksheet 106

Introduction to Waves Quiz

MCQ. A source of any wave is

  1. Ventilation
  2. Oscillation
  3. Energy
  4. Force


Physics of Light Quiz

MCQ. Straight line in which light travels is called

  1. wave
  2. ray
  3. path
  4. light perimeter


Energy and Units Quiz

MCQ. Capacity or ability to do work is termed as

  1. Power
  2. Work
  3. Energy
  4. Efficiency


Mass and Weight Quiz

MCQ. Quantity that varies due to gravitational pull variations is

  1. Mass
  2. Time
  3. Weight
  4. acceleration


States of Matter Quiz

MCQ. Why are liquids and gases termed as fluids? Because

  1. they can flow
  2. they have irregular shape
  3. they have randomly moving particles
  4. they are compressible