Heat Capacity: Physics Quiz Questions 1 pdf Download

Practice O level physics MCQ test 1 to learn heat capacity: physics quiz online, physics quiz on heat capacity. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on heat capacity: physics, distance, time and speed, temperature scales, states of matter,.

Free study guide has multiple choice quiz questions as si unit of heat capacity is with answering options joule, joule ⁄ kilogram, joule ⁄ (kilogram × kelvin) and joule ⁄ kelvin to test study skills. For e-learning, study online heat capacity multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Heat Capacity: Physics - Worksheet 1

Heat Capacity: Physics Quiz

MCQ. SI unit of heat capacity is

  1. joule.
  2. joule ⁄ kilogram.
  3. joule ⁄ (kilogram × kelvin).
  4. joule ⁄ kelvin.


Heat Capacity: Physics Quiz

MCQ. Aluminum has specific heat capacity of

  1. 450 J kg-1 °C-1.
  2. 900 J kg-1 °C-1.
  3. 1350 J kg-1 °C-1.
  4. 1800 J kg-1 °C-1.


Distance, Time and Speed Quiz

MCQ. Total distance covered in total time taken is termed as

  1. instantaneous speed.
  2. average speed.
  3. uniform speed.
  4. variable speed.


Temperature Scales Quiz

MCQ. A conducting wire resists 65 Ω at ice point and 75 Ω at steam point, and resistance of wire is 70 Ω room temperature would be

  1. 15 °C.
  2. 10 °C.
  3. 25 °C.
  4. 50 °C.


States of Matter Quiz

MCQ. In liquids particles

  1. move randomly with unlimited space.
  2. move randomly with limited space.
  3. vibrate at a fixed position.
  4. vibrate randomly with unlimited space.


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