Forces in Physics Multiple Choice Questions Test 1 pdf Download

Practice O level physics test 1 with MCQ on scalar and vector online for learning. Practice forces in physics multiple choice questions (MCQ) on scalar and vector, forces and motion, introduction to forces,. Free study guide has answering options vector quantity, scalar quantity, base quantity and derived quantity of multiple choice questions (MCQ) as displacement is a to test learning skills. Study to learn scalar and vector quiz questions to practice MCQ based online exam preparation test.

MCQ on Forces in Physics - Test 1

MCQ. Displacement is a

  1. Scalar quantity.
  2. Vector quantity.
  3. Base quantity.
  4. Derived quantity.


MCQ. A boy of mass 50 kg runs with a force of 100 N, his acceleration would be

  1. 5000 ms-2.
  2. 50 ms-2.
  3. 150 ms-2.
  4. 2 ms-2.


MCQ. SI unit for force is

  1. Kilograms.
  2. Newton.
  3. Joules.
  4. acceleration.


MCQ. Adding of two vectors to get a single vector is termed as

  1. Final vector.
  2. Resultant vector.
  3. Dominant vector.
  4. Recessive vector.


MCQ. In scalar, there is only addition and subtraction of

  1. Number.
  2. Number according to direction.
  3. Number according to unit.
  4. B and C both.

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