Kinetic Theory Quiz Questions 2 Tests pdf Download

Practice O level chemistry MCQ test 2 to learn kinetic theory quiz online. Free chemistry quiz questions and answers to learn particles of matter. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on kinetic theory, electrical devices and circuit symbols, chemistry reactions, mineral acids: general properties, acid rain worksheets.

Free O level chemistry worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as word kinetic refers to, answer key with choices as locomotion, vibration, motion and resonance to test study skills. For e-learning, study online particles of matter multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Kinetic Theory: Worksheets 2 Quiz pdf Download

Kinetic Theory Quiz

MCQ. Word kinetic refers to

  1. locomotion
  2. vibration
  3. motion
  4. resonance


Electrical Devices and Circuit Symbols Quiz

MCQ. Electricity is measured through a device called as

  1. Ammeters
  2. Voltmeters
  3. Barometers
  4. Anemometers


Chemistry Reactions Quiz

MCQ. Any reaction at an anode involves

  1. gain of electrons
  2. loss of electrons
  3. gain or loss depends upon electrolyte
  4. formation of gases


Mineral Acids: General Properties Quiz

MCQ. Mineral acids are

  1. naturally occurring
  2. man made
  3. include malic acid
  4. include formic acid


Acid Rain Quiz

MCQ. Excess acidity caused by acid rain can be neutralized by adding

  1. more fertilizers
  2. by removing acidified soil
  3. by adding P2O5
  4. by adding lime

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