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Elements, Compounds and Mixtures Multiple Choice Questions Test 1 Tests pdf Download

Practice elements, compounds and mixtures multiple choice questions (MCQs), O level chemistry test 1 online to learn. Practice atoms & elements MCQs questions and answers on atoms and elements, molecules and compounds with answers. Free elements, compounds and mixtures quiz, online study guide has answer key with choices as a compound, an alloy, a mixture and an element of multiple choice questions (MCQ) as brass is an example of to test learning skills. Study to learn atoms & elements quiz questions to practice MCQ based online exam preparation test.

MCQ on Elements, Compounds and Mixtures Quiz pdf Download Test 1

MCQ. Brass is an example of

  1. An alloy
  2. a compound
  3. a mixture
  4. an element


MCQ. A particle may be

  1. an atom
  2. a molecule
  3. an isotope
  4. all of these


MCQ. Other than O and C, main elements of a brick wall includes

  1. Silicon (Si)
  2. Calcium (Ca)
  3. Aluminum (Al)
  4. Both A and B


MCQ. Symbol of Magnesium is

  1. Mg
  2. Mn
  3. Hg
  4. M


MCQ. Naturally occurring elements are

  1. 82
  2. 92
  3. 99
  4. above 100 by now