Dormancy and Seed Germination MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn dormancy and seed germination MCQs, O level biology MCQ online for test prep. Reproduction in plants quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), dormancy and seed germination quiz questions and answers as with an increase in seed size upon germination, dry mass of seeds, answer key help with choices as increases, decreases, vanishes and grows proportionally with seed problem solving for viva, competitive exam preparation, interview questions. Free study guide is to practice dormancy and seed germination quiz online with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Dormancy and Seed Germination Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. With an increase in seed size upon germination, the dry mass of seeds

  1. increases
  2. decreases
  3. vanishes
  4. grows proportionally with seed


MCQ. No matter how favorable the environmental conditions, the seeds do not germinate if

  1. they have not settled
  2. the neighboring seeds do not germinate
  3. if the seeds do not undergo a dormant or resting period
  4. the seeds are soaked in water


MCQ. Dormant seeds are usually

  1. succulent
  2. dry
  3. wet
  4. soft


MCQ. Germination of 101 years old seeds, was observed in

  1. Melon family
  2. Arctic Tundra Lupine
  3. Moth Mullein
  4. Hesperidiums


MCQ. First step in seed germination is

  1. passing through the gut of an animal
  2. exploding along the sutures
  3. absorption of water
  4. taking in of O2