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Heat Work System Quiz Questions 1 Tests pdf Download

Practice mechanical engineering MCQ test 1 to learn heat work system quiz online. Download mechanical engg quiz questions and answers to learn applied thermodynamics. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on heat work and system, perfect gas, irreversible processes, entropy, units worksheets.

Free study guide has multiple choice quiz questions as unit of work is same as unit of, answer key with choices as power, entropy, energy and force to test study skills. For online learning, study applied thermodynamics multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Heat Work System Quiz pdf Download Worksheet 1

Heat Work and System Quiz

MCQ. Unit of work is same as unit of

  1. Power
  2. Entropy
  3. Energy
  4. Force


Perfect Gas Quiz

MCQ. Mass of any substance per amount of substance is called

  1. Relative Mass
  2. Molar Mass
  3. Atomic Mass
  4. Total Mass


Irreversible Processes Quiz

MCQ. Adiabatic mixing process is highly

  1. Reversible
  2. Irreversible
  3. polytropic
  4. None of these


Entropy Quiz

MCQ. Coefficient of performance of refrigerator and heat pump is always

  1. less than unity
  2. greater than unity
  3. equal to unity
  4. None of these


Units Quiz

MCQ. One Joule is equivalent to

  1. . Kg ? m/ s^2
  2. Kg ? m^2/s
  3. Kg ? m^2/s^2
  4. Kg ? m/s